Florida Lions Eye Bank changed its name to Beauty of Sight on September 1, 2023

Beauty of Sight is More Than Just an Eye Bank

What is an Eye Bank?

An eye bank is a not-for-profit organization that obtains, medically evaluates, and distributes eyes donated by generous individuals for use in corneal transplant surgery, research, and education. Eye banks in the United States provide tissue for over 70,000 corneal transplants annually. Of these, over 1,200 grafts are provided by Beauty of Sight per year.

Who We Are

Beauty of Sight is a fully EBAA-accredited eye bank. Our primary mission is to recover, process, and distribute corneal and scleral tissue for sight-saving transplant surgery. To make this happen, we rely upon the selflessness of individuals and their families who choose to donate their eyes upon their death.

Beauty of Sight isn’t just an eye bank, though. We also operate the only ocular pathology lab in South Florida. Our laboratory is a comprehensive resource for tissue evaluation, patient diagnosis, physician training, and clinical archive.

Additionally, Beauty of Sight is dedicated to furthering ophthalmic research. We annually provide several hundred thousand dollars in grants to qualified ophthalmic research efforts. We also supply whole eye tissue for research and physician training.

Since our founding 60 years ago, Beauty of Sight has restored the beauty of sight to over 65,000 cornea transplant recipients. More than 15,000 pieces of the sclera and preserved corneal tissue have been provided to patients for other surgical uses. Nearly 33,000 whole eyes have been supplied to researchers at no cost, and 93,000 specimens have been examined in our pathology lab. To date, we have provided over $3 million in grants to research projects to cure, treat, or prevent eye disease. We are proud to have made a difference in our South Florida community and beyond.

Our History

Beauty of Sight was founded in 1962 as a cooperative effort between the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and Florida Lions Clubs. Since its inception, Beauty of Sight has been located within the prestigious Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. Indeed, Beauty of Sight and the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute has evolved since each opened its doors over 60 years ago.

60th Anniversary

In January 2023, Beauty of Sight celebrated its 60th anniversary. In January 1962, cooperation between Lions Clubs of Florida and Bascom Palmer Eye Institute established Beauty of Sight as the first eye bank in Florida. When we opened our doors 60 years ago, we made corneal transplantation in Florida possible for many patients and their doctors who were previously limited by the short supply of human eye tissue. We recovered 205 eyes from donors and provided 62 corneas for transplant during our first year of operation. Since then, we have provided over 65,000 corneas for transplant, restoring sight to tens of thousands of recipients.

Memorial Wall Donations

The Beauty of Sight Memorial Wall is a meaningful way to honor family, friends, and loved ones who have passed away.

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Century Club Membership

Your membership in the Century Club ensures the future of Beauty of Sight for years to come. All funds raised by the Century Club are invested for long-term growth so we can continue to restore the beauty of sight to future generations.

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