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What We Do

To accomplish our mission, we raise funds and identify the most innovative researchers and talented physicians all over the world who are hard at work curing blindness and preventing vision loss. To these qualified groups and individuals, we provide much needed financial support.


Every dollar you donate to Beauty of Sight Foundation goes directly to fund research aimed at preventing and curing blindness and visual impairment. We’re looking forward to a day when everyone in the world can see clearly, and live a life free from visual impairment. With your support, our vision will become a reality.

Beauty of Sight Foundation is committed to funding innovative and promising research aimed at curing blindness and preventing vision loss. In the process, we also strive to raise awareness of ophthalmic diseases and other causes of visual impairment.

Why Donate to
Beauty of Sight Foundation

Beauty of Sight Foundation envisions a future in which no person will have to live with visual impairment.

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